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Myfanwy MacLeod


The Birds (2018)

Artist: Myfanwy MacLeod

Location: 1 Athletes Way,  Olympia Plaza
Vancouver, British Columbia
Material: Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Scenic Paint, Industrial Coatings

The work attempts to highlight both the lighter and graver sides of what can happen when a non-native species is introduced to an environment, how the beauty of birds can sometimes mask their threat to biodiversity.

Photography by Carvel Creative

Project Details

The City of Vancouver approached Carvel Creative to provide several options for the repair or total replacement of these beloved sculptures. Carvel provided the City with a proposal containing five options, from very low-cost repair to full bronze cast replacement. The City opted for the aluminum cast replacements and then informed Carvel that we had nine months to execute this project. Within this tight timeframe, we removed, redesigned, and engineered the frames, then removed and repaired the damage and imperfections on the originals. The originals were then sent to a foundry for casting, remounted to the modified frames, repainted, clear coated, and applied self-healing protective film before reinstallation.

The entire project was completed on time, and on budget; more importantly, the City, Myfanwy MacLeod, and the public are thrilled with the result! 




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