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Thank you for stopping in to learn a little more about Carvel Creative, its staff and what we love to do. If you find we have not included your question in the list below please reach out to us and we will happily answer any questions you might have. 

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  • Can I arrange a tour of your studio?
    We would be happy to arrange a tour through our studio. We may have work in our space which is under NDA, and cannot be shown to the general public at the time you wish to visit, so please contact us prior to stopping by and we will schedule the best time for your tour.
  • What types of materials do you work with?
    Here at Carvel we work in a variety of materials. From bronze to composite plastics, glass, aluminum, concrete, print media, EPS foam, wood and more. We are well versed in the manufacturing of public art and specialty projects, which require us to be versatile and up to date on the most common structural materials, as well as other specialty materials. including GFRC (Fiber Reinforced Concrete,) specialty 2-part automotive paints and their application...give us a call, and we will be happy to consult with you on what materials are best suited for your project.
  • What types of equipment do you use to manufacture your projects?
    Some of the tools and equipment we use include: - CNC equipment includes: laser cutter/engrave, large capacity DMS 5 axis CNC router. - 4 axis CNC router, large capacity CNC hot wire cutter, SLA 3D printer, FDM 3D printer. - Industrial vacuum forming machine. - Full-service carpentry shop with complete automatic dust collection system. - Full-Service scenic and industrial coatings service, including 12’ tall x 14’ x 14’ enclosed and open face paint spray booth with make-up air unit.
  • How do I apply for a position at Carvel Creative?
    To review current employment opportunities, we encourage you to add your contact information in the QUESTIONS section of the CONTACT page where we will be posting new positions as they become available, and to sign up to receive our Carvel Creative Magazine to learn a little more about what we love to do.
  • Do you have a design department?
    Yes. Are design department is made up of 4 specialists working in a variety of 3D softwares as well as traditional media. Our team can help with any conceptual design, drafting, renderings, artist submission or presentation package, including physical models.
  • Can you help me to prepare a submission to an artist call?
    We are happy to prepare models, rendered images, and full artist submission packages in collaboration with the artist for any call. We have a set of standard package templates which help us to accelerate the process or we can do custom layouts and packaging, as well as printing. We can also deliver your package directly to your client in electronic or physical format.
  • Can you 3D print my concept model to include in my artist package?
    We sure can. We have SLA printers for highly detailed models, and 14 FDM printers for small medium and large prototypes up to 1m x 1m x 1m, both types are essential in creating great models for your artist presentation or submission. We also have a large scale laser cutting machine to assist with bigger format constructions as needed.
  • Can you install my work when it is complete?
    Absolutely. We are a full-service studio, ready to design, fabricate and install your work onsite.
  • What types of paints do you use? and what types of finishes can you achieve?
    Are coatings department can achieve a wide variety of finishes using many materials. From water based textured and scenic finishes, to flats, metallic and high gloss automotive, we are setup to get the finishes you’re looking for.
  • Do you have sculptors on site that can assist me in re-creating my design?
    Yes, our team is made up of technicians, sculptor’s welders and more. Ours sculptors work in clay, EPS foam, wood, composite and digital mediums. In collaboration with the artist we are able to re-create any design or styling.
  • Can you mold and cast my sculpture in bronze or other metals.
    Yes, we can prepare your work to be mold and cast at facilities we partner with offsite. They can cast in bronze, aluminum and steel, GFRC (fiber re-enforced concrete), FRP (fiber re-enforced plastics) and standard concrete. We can do smaller molding and castings on site in silicones, urethanes and 2 part urethane casting plastics.
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