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Are these group classes like regular online virtual classes with precorded video and slide shows?

No your child is engaging and interacting live with me , we'll be playing games and having fun , this is specifcially done to avoid the burnout and boredom of virtual learning. Also when your child is not exhausted they 'll learn to read better

How will I know my child has upped their reading level?

Before your child is in a group class they'll be doing a oral reading with me, this will set a baseline from where we are improving from, you can hear for yourself what level your child is at. Then at the end of the classes when it's all finished I'll do another oral reading with your child record it , You'll hear the difference immediately between recording 1 and recordng 2

How long are your sessions?

Online tutoring session length is determined by a couple of factors. 1. Child’s age 2. Child’s attention span 3. Schedule I find that children in K-2nd grade work best In 30-minute sessions. For kids in 3rd-8th grade; 45 min. Sometimes, the students’ schedules and my schedule have unique needs that determine whether a 30 minute or a 60 minute session would be better.

Do you offer further reading support during summer?

Yes, I do! I offer summer reading packages to make sure your child isn't affected by the summer slide. They will suffer reading loss if they are not consistently reading. Your child will be prepared and feel confident going into the next school year.

How long does it take to see results?

It all depends on the child , their reading level , there enthuaism to learn , etc. All in all results depend on many factors , but the usual range is 2 months - 4months

Will my child get individual attention in these groups?

Yes , unlike regular group classes , where you just stuff a bunch of kids in the same room and then teach. My approach is more parent friendly. I make sure first that your child does a diagonistic test to see where their current level of reading is. And then match that to the group of other kids with the same reading level and that forms a group of 4 kids. By doing this and keeping the class size small, it's guranteed that your child will get individual attatnetion from me and because the group's reading level is the same that ensures your child will learn along the other kids and won't feel isolated or alone in their learning challenge.



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