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Artist: Myfanwy MacLeod


Artist: Myfanwy MacLeod

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Material: Cast Bronze, Matthews
Primer/Paint/Automotive Clearcoats

Primrose is part of a trilogy of sculptures that includes The Birds (2010) and The Lady (2017). Like the bestiaries of the Middles Ages, these three public artworks play on the symbolism associated with animals in art and literature. Commissioned by the City of Toronto for Clover Hill Park, a small high-profile park that provides a multi-faceted gathering space within an urban setting, Primrose marks the entrance to St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. She stands on a grassy knoll located at the north end of the park, in the shade of a tree adjacent to St. Basil’s Church facing south towards an abstract stainless-steel sculpture, Zen West (1980), by artist Kosso Eloul (b.1920 - d.1995).

The painted bronze sculpture of a baby donkey, complete with pink bronze casts on her legs, commemorates a lighthearted news report about a little donkey named Primrose, born prematurely and unable to walk. Thanks to the heroic efforts of two British vets, who fitted her with a pair of casts, she was able to walk again. The bronze humorously gives the work an air of solemnity and gravitas not intended by the initial news story.


Photography by: in house and Toni Hafkenscheid

Project Details

Primrose was digitally sculpted and sent to the 5 Axis DMS Milling machine to be

reproduced as a positive form. The steel reenforced high density EPS foam was then given a coat of monument clay to have its final shape and details sculpted. Primrose was then separated into various sized part to be mold and cast in wax for a traditional bronze casting method. These final cast parts were then assembled, welded and finished with traditional patination, and painted details.




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