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Artist: Craig Le Blanc

CLB Profile

One on One, Henri, Piece 

Artist: Craig Le Blanc

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Material: EPS, Polyurea, Industrial Coatings

Craig Le Blanc is a Calgary-based artist who has exhibited extensively throughout Canada as well as the United States and Europe. Upon receiving a BFA in painting and sculpture from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Le Blanc embarked on a 15-year professional career within the field of industrial design and architecture. He is known for applying contemporary manufacturing techniques in support of (or in place of) traditional analog methodologies and mediums in the creation of art objects. He has spent the last decade creating highly refined sculptures and installations via the regeneration of common objects and iconography. His 2011 public art installation was recognized by groups such as Americans for the Arts Public Art Network's Year in Review as one of North America's top public art pieces. 


Photography courtesy of Craig Le Blanc and Carvel Creative 

Project Details

Carvel Creative was engaged to execute these two art installations for Craig Le Blanc. The scale and accessibility of these beautifully-crafted pieces required extreme attention to detail and skilled hands. Henri the cat (a permanent public art installation in Edmonton) was designed, fabricated, and installed under the strictest safety standards and coating guidelines.  One on One is a gallery installation which continues to engage the public as it travels the world.




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