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Métis Land Use

Artist: Tiffany Shaw

Métis Land Use 2019
Artist: Tiffany Shaw

Location: Markham Station, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Material: Metal, Concrete, Glass, Hardware, Various 
(Markers on Concrete Linework)

This work explores the efforts of Métis people related to land rights. Métis people are often defined by their mobility and family relations. The project utilizes a map that identifies how Métis people travelled, traded and occupied the territory surrounding the Red River around 1870, when territories such as Rupert’s Land are being transferred to Canada. This is done by creating five tall markers to represent the fort locations within the Red River as indicated on the map. In the side walk surrounding the markers there is painted linework that indicates pathways related to harvesting hay, berry picking, hunting, sugaring, red river cart trails and so on. The markers in combination with the concrete linework discuss the longstanding use and occupancy of the Métis people within the Red River area particular to the time period of the referenced map – which also discussed how Métis people continue the tradition of moving about the land through time in memoriam.


Photography by: in house and unknown

Project Details

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