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Title: John Wick Chapter 4 2021

Production: Lions Gate, multiple locations
Material: milled eps foam,
    steel armature, urethane coatings.
      automotive primer color and clears.


Photography by: in house/production

Project Details
"I have served, i will be of service"

The beautiful Belgian Malinois, Santana, visited our shop

to have photos and measurements taken for a digital

replica which was to be used as a stand in during action sequences. 

Santana was then digitally sculpted and recreated to scale

using our largest 3D in house printer. Our final step was to apply

primers and clear coat. Later the form was used to create vac form parts.

The blood markers were digitally recreated from scratch using reference photos and where limited to 10 pieces for the canine team. Each piece was cold cast in bronze filled resin using a mold created from our SLA resin printer.

The inscription "Sequitur Tuis Instinctum" translates as "follow your instinct"




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