Firebrand Transect

Transect Public Art Installation  Supporting Firebrand Studio in design, fabrication and installation

Transect Public Art Installation
Supporting Firebrand Studio in design, fabrication and installation

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Firebrand Studio - Transect
Firebrand Studio enlisted Carvel Creative in support of the competition, design, fabrication and installation phases for their inaugural public art submission. The call was for the Capital Boulevard public art project in Edmonton, aligned as part of the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.


The concept incorporates Firebrand’s cast and laminated glass pieces into an intricate 316L stainless steel tube framework consisting of a 6’ diameter sphere with an internal 4’ diameter sphere. The glass components are coloured cast glass with embedded animal track prints together with historical photos stratified within the laminated pieces. Firebrand’s concept relates the form, imagery and layers to the history, evolution and progression of the site.

Working from Firebrand’s research and concept imagery, Carvel generated 3D visualizations inclusive of modelling, renders and a 3D printed maquette as support for the tender package.

Firebrand Studios were successfully awarded the commission and retained Carvel for the project realization.

Carvel commenced the project by generating the compulsory detailed design and engineering package, refining the 3d model to reflect material gauges and connection details while having all structural requirements and wind loads verified through their structural engineer.

Fabrication Design
The complexity of this project required Carvel to strategize methodologies that enabled intricate assembly and accuracy. Two CNC cut fabrication jigs were generated to support the tacking stage, undertaken in five independent segments. Secondary inverted jigs were then produced to stabilize the critical connection points of each segment during the weld out.

Working from the base upward, each segment and joint were meticulously TIG welded. The project successfully passed full visual and 30% dye penetrant weld inspections with high regard for the exhaustive quality of Carvel’s work.

Transect was fully bead blasted to produce a uniform satin finish, then given an acid bath to passivate the stainless steel and eliminate surface contamination. For the crowning phase, the Firebrand team of studio technicians meticulously installed each piece of glass with structural silicone. After curing Transect was prepared for shipping.

The work was transported three hours north to Edmonton, Alberta. Carvel’s accomplished install team placed, levelled, bolted and grout packed Transect in about one hour.

The final unmasking of Transect drew interest from the surrounding public; an interest that began first with the formal beauty, but further nourished by the thoughtful and intriguing imagery and forms found within the glass.

Transect has been very well received and is a project Carvel is proud to be aligned with.