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Artist: Al Henderson


Figures in Motion (2016)

Artist: Al Henderson

Location: Rogers Place 
Edmonton, Alberta 
Material: EPS, Polyurea, Industrial Coatings

Albertan artist Al Henderson is no stranger to public art, and the maquettes and works in his St. Albert studio demonstrate his contribution. Henderson was awarded one of four commissions for the new Edmonton arena, Rogers Place. He developed the concept, 9 Figures in Motion with a Puck, for the interior of the new Edmonton Oilers home, installed above the entrance to their downtown community arena.

The artist aimed to capture the energy and action experienced by individuals and groups in public spaces, and aligned the content with the nature of the arena entrance it watches over. The installation incorporates sculpture and painting; nine activated figures moving over a surface adorned with a mural depicting the residual line-work of skating. The silky black finish is captivating and the forms, intertwined and aggressive, challenge and intrigue the viewer and command examination.

Photography by Carvel Creative

Project Details

Henderson enlisted Carvel Creative to take on the fabrication and design, beginning with the mechanical design in consultation with Carvel's structural engineer. Henderson provided Carvel with digital models which were analyzed for substrate design, an internal framework, and the requisite connection details. Concurrently, Carvel’s design team researched and procured all materials to be LEED compliant. Upon design approval, Carvel machined the larger components from EPS foam before manually adjusting, detailing, and embedding the substrate into each part. The components were designed modularly, each given rod and sleeve attachments to maximize sculptability and handling. 

At this stage, Henderson sculpted the faces and small components in preparation for the fire-resistant polyurea hard coating. Once coated, the components were meticulously sanded and detailed to automotive quality. As the project wound down, Henderson spent several days and weekends at Carvel’s studio ensuring the quality and finish were exceptional.



In the concluding phase, each sculptural element received numerous coats of paint and satin clear before being prepped for shipping. On site, Carvel’s installation team projected the artist's drawing to ensure an accurate mural representation, and the components were mounted to the structurally enhanced wall and adhered.



The final product was installed on time and budget, receiving much fanfare from the Edmonton Arts Council, the media, and the public.




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