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Artist: Henrik Hakansson

 A Rock Divide 2022
Artist: Henrik Hakansson

Location: 1568 Alberni Street
Alberni by Kengo Kuma, Vancouver, British Columbia

Material: A suspended 6' by 4' granite boulder, 3 meter high

Laminated sheets of glass, concrete plinth 

The work seeks to reflect the seemingly static yet

ever-changing relationship between the climate and our physical environment.

The rock and its reflection floats, as if mirroring the moving planet, an expression of the

measure of time, weight and value, contrasting with its surroundings

and the sky to create its own unique ecology.


Photography by: Carvel Creative, Ema Peter, Toby Cowley

Project Details

A Rock Divided consists of a 6000-pound granite boulder, excavated from a quarry near Squamish BC, and cut into four equal sections that are sandwiched between panes of ¾ inch tempered glass. The intersecting glass creates a plinth, with the boulder suspended at eye level.




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