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Artist: Babak Golkar


Location: 320 Granville, Vancouver, British Columbia

Material: Chrome plated mild steel

Inspired by water, waves and reflectiveness, this artwork is made up of a series of elegantly formed steel coated in chrome to achieve maximum reflectiveness and durability. The elegant soft design of the curved forms cascading along the side of this development make up the overall shape of this public art piece. Throughout the development of the concept for this artwork the architectural design of the building, the proximity of the site to Waterfront Station, movement of the transient public and the historic elements of the neighborhood have been carefully considered. The individual ripple shapes repeated in different scales in the artwork recall the stacked forms that are repeated vertically in the building, further highlighting the relationship between the ground plane, the landscape and the tower. A visually engaging piece, the artwork is thoughtfully designed to complement elements of the architecture of the building and its environment by harmoniously reflecting all surrounding elements, while maximizing permeability.

One of the most unique characteristics of our city is its surrounding waters. Water is essential to our existence and is wholly integrated into the lives and cultures of the Indigenous people who call this place home. The waterways surrounding this place also connect our region to the wider world. The history of the Waterfront Station and Gastown is a testament to this significance. Both in form and concept, the public artwork is reflective of the importance of water. The public artwork

considers this natural gift as its central concept: the curvature of each shape alludes

to the fluidity of water; the summation of all the shapes mimic

water ripples; the mirroring material signifies water’s reflectiveness.



Photography by: Carvel Creative and Studio Babak Golkar

Project Details

A Parallax View was commissioned by Bosa as part of their participation in the City of Vancouver's Public Art Program for Private Development. This public art project comprises multiples of chromed steel ring shapes configured and spaced in a line. A Parallax View’s parts are installed on cast concrete pedestals, brightly finished in a reflective chrome coating that comes alive with reflections of color, patterns and movement from the site.





A Parallax View 2023  
Artist: Babak Golkar

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