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Artist: Bram and Marta Timmer 

24P (2017)

Artist: Bram and Marta Timmer

Location: Calgary Film Centre 
Calgary, Alberta
Material: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum, Industrial Coatings

Bram and Marta Timmer are an art and design duo located in Calgary with a focus on public and gallery art, as well as multimedia design, They were awarded this commission for the new Calgary Film Centre entry feature. 24P refers to the standard frame rate used in traditional film, and the artwork depicts this in a deconstructive manner, using black 16:9 ratio "screen" as a blank slate - a potential, waiting to be realized - and 24 reflective frames as slats to symbolize the 24 frames of film-like motion. The 24 "frames" reflect the scene around the artwork in segments through the 45-degree angle of display, including any pedestrian or car traffic, essentially making them part of the artwork and part of the film experience. The edging of the "frames" is painted in colours of the light spectrum. This, together with the reflections in the artwork, refer to the light as essential components of the film image. The artwork is identical on both sides, though the "frames" are angled in the opposite direction. 

Photography courtesy of Carvel Creative 

Project Details

Bram and Marta Timmer (Wild Forest) engaged Carvel Creative to take on the full scope of work from concept models, engineering, and detailed design to the fabrication and final installation of the artwork. This piece is fabricated entirely out of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum welded to CWB standards. The backing frame and each of the 24 fin (frames) were then top coated in high-quality Endura urethane epoxy paint. Each fin has had the outward-facing surface polished to a mirror finish to give the artist the desired effect of reflecting the viewer's image back at them. 




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