Myfanwy Macleod 2018

Olympic Park, City of Vancouver,
British Columbia

Material: Cast Aluminum, Stainless 
Steel, Scenic Paint, 
Industrial Coatings


"The work attempts to highlight both the lighter and graver sides of what can happen when a non-native species is introduced to an environment, how the beauty of birds can sometimes mask their threat to biodiversity." - MM

"My work for the Olympic Village tries to infuse the ordinary and commonplace sparrow with a touch of the ridiculous and the sublime. The Birds is a pair of sparrows (male and a female) that, through their large scale – they stand 18 feet tall (5.5 metres) – inverts the normal relationship existing between these typically small birds and the human population. Locating this artwork in an urban plaza not only highlights what has become the ‘natural’ environment of the sparrow, it also reinforces the ‘small’ problem of introducing a foreign species and the subsequent havoc wreaked upon our ecosystem. The Birds reminds us of our past, but it aspires to challenge the future. It is my hope that the work stimulates understanding that will lead to a greater sense of shared responsibility and caring." - MM


Carvel was approached by the City of Vancouver to provide several options for the repair or total replacement of these beloved sculptures. We provided the City with a proposal containing 5 options from very low cost repair to full bronze cast replacement. They opted for aluminum cast replacements and 
informed us we had 9 months to execute this project. We removed, redesigned and engineered the frames, removed and repaired the damage and imperfections on the originals, sent to a foundry for casting, remounted to the modified frames, repainted, clear coated and applied self healing protective film and re-installed. All of this on time and on budget. The city, artist and public are thrilled with the result!


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